A body or structure made by interweaving or assembling constituent parts.

Much like Borges' library of Babel, the web offers a relatively infinite repository for information. However, our understanding of this information is increasingly influenced by the computational analysis of data in data warehouses owned by the search engines, networks, and services we use on a daily basis. Because the processes which generate page indexes, recommendations, and patterns from data are complex, proprietary, and opaque, it is increasingly important for us to have other means by which to understand and make decisions about the information we take in. Data visualizations and mashups have offered novel approaches to make inferences about information which would not be readily discernible. Yet, these visualizations are often stand alone sites which slowly die off as their underlying data sets become stale.

Contexture offers a visual layer showing information about the structure and categorization of each site you visit, providing a moving contextual lens through which to view informational content.